9 best metal lathes

Machining Marvels: 9 Best Metal Lathes for Your Workshop

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The lathe is a straightforward machine to operate with the potential to work on ongoing metalworking projects, whether you are an experienced machinist or a trade student. The lathe, the mother of all machine tools, enables us to shape, carve, and cut metals by rapidly rotating the material against the desired device.

Choosing a metal lathe for your projects is very important all the time. You must understand the products you’re purchasing and the tasks you want to work on.

Some factors represent the machine’s versatility and the projects you will be designing. You can’t just leave the house with a small amount of cash and expect to always come home with the ideal machine.

What Is Lathe Machine?

A lathe is a machine typically used to shape wood or metal. It operates by having the workpiece revolve around a fixed cutting tool. The primary function is to eliminate the material’s undesirable portions, leaving behind a neatly formed workpiece

This machine can turn wood or metal into any form, rotate, undercut, knurl, drill, face, bore, and execute various other operations using stationary lathe-cutting tools. Additionally, the workpiece’s surplus material is frequently removed using a lathe machine to attain a specific size and form.

Considerations to Make Before Choosing a Lathe Machine

You’ve finally decided to purchase a metal lathe, but navigating the market’s plethora of options can be challenging. Even though each model and brand seems to be a good fit for your project and offers a variety of features, this is not always the case.

You must ensure that the item you plan to purchase satisfies specific requirements before making any decisions.

1. Lathe’s Structure:

The machine’s structure should be taken into account as another crucial factor. The best metal lathe should have a sturdy construction and excellent support.

2. Functionality

Another important consideration is the machine’s functionality. Of course, every company will tell you that their product is the best choice, but remember that only you are best equipped to determine what you need.

You Only Need a Few Cutting Tools Besides a Lathe: 

 However, there are additional cutting-edge tools that improve your experience, and their primary goal is to deliver the best outcome.

  • The Knurling Tool 
  • Boring Bar 
  • Drill Chuck

Best Metal Lathes To Buy For Your Home Workshop:


Product Name



Eastwood Mini Metal Benchtop Variable Speed Lathe

Precision Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe from Erie Tools

VEVOR Metal Lathe

BestEquip Metal Lathe

The Jesse Mini Lathe

Jet BDB-1340A Lathe

Mophorn 7 x 12-inch lathe

G8688 Metal Lathe by Grizzly

SHOP FOX M1049 Metal Lathe

You can choose the best lathe to begin working on your upcoming projects by considering the various lathe types and how they operate. As a result, the following lathe machines are simple to use and ideal for home workshops:

#1. Eastwood Mini Metal Benchtop Variable Speed Lathe

Eastwood Mini Metal Benchtop Variable Speed Lathe

Because of its professional-level features on a much smaller scale, the Eastwood Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe is perfect for integrating into your home workshop setup. 

  • Due to the auto-feed system and the selectable gear train components, this machine can handle complex work despite its small size.
  • The Eastwood Mini Metal Lathe features a 2.125-inch swing over the cross slide and 12 inches between the centers. 
  • With this setup, you can work with various materials that can be up to 11 inches long and 4 inches in diameter.
  • In addition, the inside and outside 3-jaw chucks will give you additional flexibility when accommodating various workpiece configurations.
  •  Thanks to this versatility, you can quickly turn or cut materials like steel, brass, nylon, and more. 
  • Furthermore, you can quickly switch out tools thanks to the 4-way indexable tool post. 

This way, it can help teach new users while providing enough valuable features to help you improve your skills. The fact that this comes with H.S.S. Cutting Tools to help you along the way is also beneficial.


  • Thanks to its all-steel construction, it is incredibly dependable and stable when seated on a workbench.
  • With many safety-related protective features.
  • Including a 3-year warranty is helpful if you’re starting.


  • Before use, the lathe might need some cleaning and adjusting

#2. Precision Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe from Erie Tools

The Precision Benchtop Mini Metal Lathe from Erie Tools is compact tool hobbyists make. Following the instructions will make setting this up simple and won’t take up much space, and it is simple and easy to use.

  • You can turn, cut, and drill parts made of wood, plastic, and metal.
  • This metal lathe comes with five pieces of carbide-tipped cutter kit in addition to external and internal chuck jaws. 
  • The thread indicators in this metal lathe give it more versatility. They are helpful when you need to turn screw heads between 12 and 52 T.P.I.
  •  In addition, both metric and imperial thread indicators are built into the machine. It saves us from buying the other separately by immediately giving you access to both measurement types.
  • Four cutting tools can be mounted simultaneously on the metal lathe with ease. This will allow you to switch between various mid-project devices to complete particular tasks without having to stop entirely and add on the tool you need.


  • The chuck can be cleaned and disassembled relatively easily for more streamlined operation.
  • Properly weighed so that it rests firmly and doesn’t move around
  •  It comes with simple setup instructions to make it quick to set up for beginners.


  • As the plastic gears may deteriorate over time, we advise purchasing spares beforehand.

#3. VEVOR Metal Lathe

The VEVOR Metal Lathe is a dependable tool made from high-grade iron. Thanks to its design, you can perform a wide variety of application types with it. The 3-jaw chuck design and D.C. motor are essentially to blame for this. 

  • With a professional compound rest, you can achieve a variety of positions, such as face cutting, bevel cutting, and internal cutting.
  • This metal lathe benefits beginners, seasoned hobbyists, and even professionals looking to complete projects at home.
  • This metal lathe also places a high priority on safety. This is demonstrated with the full-length backsplash guard that is included. 
  • This is even more user-friendly for those with little experience because it rotates with superior accuracy. 
  • The VEVOR Metal lathe gives you the freedom to learn while still utilizing cutting-edge features to advance your skills gradually.
  •  You can also cycle through a nearly infinite speed, giving you more control over particular projects with just one tool.


  • It has several accessories 
  • Blades are designed to resist abrasion and move freely.
  • Provides a free portable lamp so you can always have access to light.


  • You might eventually need to switch from nylon to metal gears.

# 4. BestEquip Metal Lathe

BestEquip Metal Lathe

The BestEquip Metal Lathe is a sturdy piece of equipment housed in a compact design. It can serve those accustomed to using equipment of this caliber as a high-end model. Therefore, it is more beneficial for seasoned hobbyists or professionals who want to work on projects at home and in the office.

  • This benchtop metal lathe has a long (29.5 inches) swing-over cross slide that allows you to handle heavier or larger workpieces. 
  • It is constructed with a standard 3-jaw chuck. To give you more flexibility in how you can use the machine, it also includes a 4-jaw chuck.
  • The machine has a protective, sturdy design that ensures you can work precisely and safely simultaneously, given how powerful it can be. 
  • It has a soft start and a switch that allows the spindle to rotate either clockwise or counterclockwise. 
  • There is also a steady rest to maintain the machine as still as possible for vibration-free use. As a result, your work may continue to be stable. 
  • Of course, this lathe also includes standard features like a broad range of variable speeds that you can determine using the integrated L.E.D. screen.


  • The L.E.D. screen has a backsplash guard for safety, and it is designed with good contrast to make it easier to read.
  • It does well when using various cutting speeds on soft and more rigid metals.


  •  It’s crucial to fully adjust the machine before use because this lathe may have some loose screws when first set up.

#5. The Jesse Mini Lathe

The Jesse Mini Lathe is a lightweight, portable tool. This makes it practical when you have a limited workspace but still need to complete easy light-duty tasks, and this tool offers a sizable number of beneficial features to beginners. 

  • Additionally, you can process soft and non-ferrous metals with the turning tool with sufficient accuracy and precision to make even inexperienced users feel like experts. 
  • It is best used for smaller workpieces because the central height is 2.95 inches and the centers are 5.31 inches.
  •  However, if necessary, you can use the center block to increase the diameter to 1.96 inches.
  • Don’t be fooled by this lathe’s simple appearance; it has all the design elements that make it a dependable tool for managing numerous projects over time. 
  • Metal is used to construct the connecting block, spindle box, motor blade, gear, tailstock, size slider, and long stand. 
  • Even a belt protection cover has been applied. 
  • The machine is built to handle consistent work with this type of layout, making it useful as a long-term tool.


  • This is most effective as a learning tool for people who have never used a metal lathe.
  • To get you started, it comes with various practical metal-cutting tools.
  • It provides a wide range of speed options for easy projects.


  • Extra caution should be used when operating this lathe at full speed as the machine may vibrate.

#6. Jet BDB-1340A Lathe

The most crucial component of a lathe is its motor, and metal lathes occasionally lack the necessary motivation. This issue has the potential to start a series of incidents.

Working with metal requires a strong motor, which is not ideal as the experience quickly becomes unpleasant. 

  • The machine performs inadequately as a result of its weakness.
  • This ruins the entire experience by causing vibrations or noises.
  • The Jet 321360A is a fantastic illustration of that. You will complete all of your projects with the two-horsepower motor capacity.
  • The machine receives a successful energy distribution from the motor, which generates enough energy.
  • Every machine needs the proper components to withstand the power. This metal lathe has the necessary gearbox to accomplish that.
  • Helical cutting gear in this gearbox lessens unfavorable aspects, like noise. 
  • Low noise levels enable you to focus entirely, which is essential for achieving the best results.
  • Like any other tool, this device wants to help you for as long as possible. 
  • It has more giant splash guards that keep the machine’s integrity intact.


  • It is very comfortable to use by bringing the noise down to a superficial level.
  • The gearbox is simple to comprehend and enables quick adjustments or changes.
  • Overall, helical cutting provides a smoother experience.
  • It includes a gap bed extension appropriate for work with larger diameters.


  • This product’s cost prevents some consumers from purchasing it.
  • It is not advised for those just starting.

#7. Mophorn 7 x 12-inch lathe

Mophorn 7 x 12-inch lathe

This lathe is a high-quality, precise product. It is appropriate for various metal types and performs flawlessly in multiple applications. As a result, this product will make a fantastic ally for your projects. The effectiveness of this device in various applications is one of its best qualities. It turns exceptionally well, of course, but it can also drill and cut materials.

  • You can use it to complete various projects because of its adaptability.
  • Its numerous uses can be seen in areas like processing parts and performing precise work, to name a couple. 
  • You can use it for modeling projects and excellent sample processing.
  • Its primary power source is a motor with a 0.75 horsepower, 550W, and 110 voltage rating. 
  • The energy needed by the machine is produced by this motor, which also sustains a constant and steady work frequency.
  • We can add more accessories to the device. 
  • Depending on the project you’ll be working on, you can adjust the pieces if you have the right changing equipment.
  • It also has tools for opening and closing the jaws, giving it a firm hold on materials of various sizes. 
  • You can be sure that the machine will hold the material firmly while you work.


  • Extremely efficient benchtop lathe
  • Capable of delivering reliable performance on a variety of tasks
  • It is a simple tool to use.
  • Affordable price


  • The motor might be able to supply more power.

#8. G8688 Metal Lathe by Grizzly

G8688 Metal Lathe by Grizzly

Your projects don’t call for large and expensive tools. Instead, if you’re using a metal lathe from the comfort of your home, you should have one that can be placed almost anywhere. If so, let me inform you that this is most likely the item you require.

  • Although it appears small compared to other models, let’s not cast doubt on its capabilities.
  • A capable 3/4 horsepower motor gives it the power it needs to complete your projects. 
  • This machine has multiple working speeds, each with a different range, all controlled by the motor.
  • Low-range speeds range from 0 to 1100 revolutions per minute, while high-range speeds range from 0 to 2500 revolutions per minute.
  • The various speeds perfectly accommodate both forward and reverse motion, which greatly helps you.
  • It has a flexible tool and more control over the machine’s metals.
  • Other features of this product include a 12-inch distance from the center and a swing of 7 inches. 
  • It also has standard handwheels for better graduation and a dial indicator to monitor the machine’s operation.
  • This tool is one of the lighter metal lathes on this list, weighing only 74 pounds.
  • This product is worth taking into consideration because of its size and weight.


  • Different speed ranges
  • Effective both forward and backward movement
  • Lighter than competing models
  • It includes a threading dial indicator


  • Not appropriate for large projects
  • It takes some time to get used to how the machine works.

#9. SHOP FOX M1049 Metal Lathe

SHOP FOX M1049 Metal Lathe

 It is a comfortable, lightweight metal lathe with an adequate distance from the centers of 19 inches and a wing length of 9-3/4 inches. If you’re looking for the best metal lathe for the money, it’s important to note that this is a good choice. This product could be compared to a hybrid between industrial lathes.

  • This product’s primary power source is a 3/4 HP motor running at 110 V in a single phase. 
  • It can operate at six spindle speeds, ranging from 130 to a maximum of 2000 rotations per minute, for the speed range.
  • This lathe comes with a 7-1/4-inch solid 4-jaw chuck that is strong enough to grasp the materials firmly as standard equipment. 
  • Additionally, it has 11 different gears and a cross-slide table for added comfort.
  • This tool transforms into a valuable machine that can keep up with your work with all these additions.
  • This machine provides the comfort of a small lathe while being capable of producing results of the highest quality. 
  • This ultimately translates into a highly efficient tool you can use to establish a personal workshop while remaining home.
  • Despite its high cost, it is a purchase that is worthwhile.


  • Many different speed options
  • It contains up to 11 gears that can be changed for better adjustments.
  • The tool post has a 4-way turret and an eye shield to protect your vision while working.
  • It’s ideal for heavy-duty tasks.


  • Very expensive

F.A.Q.s About Metal Lathe

Q1. How to find the best metal lathe?

Ans: The way they are made reveals a lot about the product, including how simple it will be to use. At first, a user-friendly design is not just advantageous but essential. This indicates that the tool isn’t overly complicated or demands that you have extensive knowledge before using it.

You might think about using more sophisticated metal lathes when you have more expertise. These will have complex design choices, making them much more beneficial for tasks requiring more remarkable skill and adding more tools.

Q2. How quickly should a metal lathe’s motor run?

Ans: The motor in a metal lathe is used to turn the chuck. A high-speed metal lathe is necessary if you want to complete tasks quickly and effectively. Ideally, ideal metal lathes have maximum speeds of about 2500 RPM, and you can cut more significant pieces at these speeds. Additionally, more power guarantees that the part will continue to cut and turn smoothly if you cut heavier elements.

Q3. Can other materials, such as wood be turned on the metal lathe?

Ans: Yes, they can work with different materials other than metals, and this is not suggested, though. While metal lathes can operate over wood, their primary use is to work with metals, and there are specific lathes for woodworking.

Q4. Who can use the metal lathe?

Ans: Students, professionals, do-it-yourselfers, and anyone else with interest in metalworking. Additionally, it can be utilized by students for educational purposes.

Q5. Does it require maintenance?

Ans: It does, indeed. The metal lathe needs upkeep to stay in good condition, just like any other tool with steel in its construction. You must perform proper maintenance if you want to avoid problems like rust.

Q6.Is using the metal lathe simple?

Ans: They are generally simple to use. Obviously, to produce a high-quality outcome when working on larger and more complex projects, you will need the necessary knowledge and preparation.

Q7. Do I require additional items, such as an optional bed?

Ans: No, not always. Additional accessories are optional but primarily used by those who want to produce the most flawless and expert results.


I gave it all to you, but that’s it. Choosing the ideal metal lathe is made more straightforward now that you know everything it should include as the best metal lathe for the money. There are many kinds of metal lathes, some more appropriate for novice users than others. Your unique needs and skill set will determine which one is best for your project. Whatever your objective, you can only accomplish it if you have the right equipment.

Do not forget that you will use this tool frequently. At least you should select the choice that gives you the most comfort. I hope you enjoy working with metal to your satisfaction. 

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